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BIM - NF1301 BIM model
One Island East BIM model
MEP Installation 机电安装动画
Curtain Wall Installation Simulation
OIE Rendering
Checklists for site TQM
Safety Inspection by Aproplan
Aproplan for defect management
BIM for foundation design
4D BIM - 6 days cycle simulation
Residential Complex
scan data for BIM
BIM for Landscape Design


A dynamic 4D BIM Execution Plan to facilitate successful BIM project management

A cloud platform for BIM volume planning and execution that allows you to visually plan the level of detail of a project, coordinate the volume of individual parts of the project, allocate the responsible persons, and monitor the execution.


The Plannerly are used in the following processes:

  • BIM project planning

  • Scope matching

  • BIM tasks scheduling

  • Execution control

  • 3D BIM modeling viewing

  • Join 50,000+ projects that use the Dalux Field app for snagging on site.

    DALUX FIELD - BIM oriented 3D Total Quality & Safety Management Platform.

    Collaborative  Quality Management & Safety System to access & prevent potential construction risk or defects via 2D Plan or BIM Models to enable instant respond for preventive and corrective actions through a cloud based mobile platform for building construction industry.


    Dalux gives you a real-time overview of your tasks and quick insight into the information you are looking for. Use the app to quickly see which tasks have been delivered and which remain unresolved. You can send tasks directly to your subcontractors. All subcontractors gain access to the project and can respond to the tasks simply using the app. Using Dalux to manage all deficiencies in the project saves time and ensures that all issues are resolved as needed.


    Spend up to 75% less time on each project and job site.
    Increase productivity with accurate plans, jobsite logs, notes, drawings, photo and more.
    Monitor and assign task lists and work orders effortlessly.
    Collaborate in real time with all project stakeholders.
    Stay on budget and improve efficiency by 50%.

    Construction Total Quality Management

    Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited

    It has been estimated that approximately 10% of the cost of construction rework is caused by delays in detecting the defects. Timely and accurate quality management practices can hence save money and expedite project schedules.  We have  to revise our current QC process to get  better and more direct interaction with project stakeholders, to initiate more teamwork at the jobsite, and to have accurate inpection data. These goals drive to apply the  mobile and cloud computing technologies to achieve 1st time quality.

    Lean Construction / BIM Consulting Services

    We provide BIM / VDC consulting services from design to build and related IT solution to enable lean construction for Hong Kong and China building construction industry.

    Congratulate Century Properties Investment Ltd Win the Autodesk BIM Awards 2015

    Unique, Optimized Design for Compact Space

    The project is a 24-storey office tower featuring 17 levels of offce space at Tseuk Luk Street, San Po Kong, Hong Kong. Building is quadrilateral shape, with huge V columns from GF to 4/F to create a unique and iconic look.
    BIM technology was employed to integrate multi-discipline designs into a single system. BIM was intensively used to find the best way to fit the services routines & facilities into this compact space, related reference CAD drawings were generated directly from the integrated model.

    Gammon Construction Ltd.

    Jardine Engineering Corporation Ltd.

    • BricsCAD BIM lifts creativity, not complexity. With BricsCAD BIM you can go through all stages without leaving the .dwg platform, no extra software needed!
    • BricsCAD is a fast, efficient 2D and 3D CAD product that is offered at prices ranging from HK$4,000
    • BricsCAD is 100% dwg compatible; you can transparently share drawing files with any product that accepts dwg.
    • BricsCAD has a familar interface that minimizes training requirements and also allows you to run your existing LISP routines without modification. 

    Save 75% of project management time and shorten the payment claim period by weeks

    Yinggao-Tech 广州鹰高机电工程有限公司

    Do Less, Win More. Aproplan helps Yinggao's project manager to follow up the on site installation works systematically and generate the daily progress report automatically. In return, they can sort out the Done List for payment claim quickly and preciously. This greatly helps the cashflow of the project and customer satisfaction

    3D Method Statement for Transfer Plate construction

    Hong Kong Housing Authority

    Seeing is believing. By using Cortona3D to create an interactive 3D method statement for Transfer Plate construction, Hong Kong Housing Authority and the main contractor optimize the construction cycle, solving the resources allocation conflicts and improve the site safety. Also the manual helps to train up the engineers and workers more faster and in much more details with fun

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    Don’t Let Paper Work Slow Down Your Cash Flow

    Manage your on-site construction tasks quickly and properly from anywhere at any time .

    MTECH BIM Consulting Services

    We provide BIM consulting services from design to build by our expertise with building construction knowledge, IT skills and 3D project management experience.


    Digital Twins

    Integrated Digital Construction Platform from BIM Viewer, CDE, Digital Inspection and Checklist to Facility Management

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    On Line BEP

    BIM Execution Planning was once a disconnected workflow of Word, Excel and PDFs – it was time consuming and – let’s face it – the results were mostly ignored. Isn’t it time for a simple BIM Management Platform? Are you ready to upgrade your BIM Execution Plans (BEPs) Today?

    Pay Less, Get More

    Real Choice: now you are spend less for a more powerful dwg CAD for 2D drafting, 3D mechanical design, sheet metal design and BIM functions running in multiple platform.

    Preventive Quality Inspection for Construction

    CHECKLISTS, a cloud base solution running in mobile and web platform is used to record defects, or non-compliance measurement. They can also include information such as the position where the event occurred and any known causes. The inspection is scheduled in advance with structural checking items and is completed by the onsite engineers or foremen who are carrying out the operations or monitoring their progress. The value of CHECKLISTS can be retrospective analysis, so they help with problem identification and problem solving.

    Is BricsCAD A Real Alternative to AutoCAD?
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