New Groundbreaking User Experience of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and a New Cloud Portfolio V6R2014

Dassault Systèmes made available Version 6 Release 2014 of its 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for select customers only. This release brings a unified new navigational interface across the entire 3DEXPERIENCE platform available on premise, and on a public or private cloud.


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Dassault Systèmes announced the general availability of Release 2012 of its Version 6 platform. Today’s release demonstrates Dassault Systèmes’ focus on delivering an open collaborative platform to its customer base and beyond. It broadens the value of digital assets into new solutions such as immersive retail store experiences and global production system planning.

        MTECH客戶專訊2013年10月號         MTECH 與Serious Factory签署合作案為中國及中國香港企業提供創新的3D市場推廣武器         MTECH董事總經理區令明先生獲邀亞洲新聞週刊獨家專訪《創新驅動,讓時間賽跑》                

Beijing Olympic Main stadium, Bird's Nest

BIMBuilding Information Modeling / Managementis a revolutionary new way to manage value, risk, innovation and collaboration in the development of new products. Improving the visibility of the project and by managing the plan vs. actual figure about product, schedule, resource, and cost. Provide information for decision-making to the top manager.

Using advanced modeling technologies, including highly sophisticated 3D visualization and internet links, IBM/Dassault Systemes introduce the Product Lifecycle Management, or PLM, allowing engineers, financial planners, manufacturing teams and other PLM participants to simulate product behavior through virtual prototypes rather than actual physical mock-ups.
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Virtual interactive 3D Marketing Communication break through the traditional boundaries of product promotion and corporate branding, to allow customers to enable the whole purchasing journey with differentiated shopping experience, comfort and joy. It also create extra value-added services for customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty improvement in parallel with operating costs reduction.
PLM 2.0 or "PLM Online for All" enables all users to imagine, develop, share and experience the products in the universal language of 3D while harnessing the collective intelligence of online communities.
Experience PLM 2.0 with V6! Define products, process and resources within an online virtual world that behave exactly as they would in real life. V6 truly brings to life the entire product lifecycle knowledge......
MTECH - Business Partner of IBM and Dassault Systemes Implements PLM Solution for the Engineering Industry
PLM 2.0 is the new evolution of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and the V6 "online-for-all" platform is the best way to get there. V6PLM today reaches an expanded user community with new levels of simplicity and readiness.
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BricsCAD (Windows) version 13.1.5-1 en_US are available for download

Bricscad is recognized as the number one .dwg CAD alternative. Bricscad V13 offers an impressive set of new features and improvements.

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PLM Online for All with V6

Chapoo, project management

provides a breakthrough cloud-base platform for project information management and collaboration.